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Highways Survey for Stradbroke

The Parish Council is commencing a public consultation on possible improvements that could be made to the roads in Stradbroke.

The Parish council has received many complaints regarding highways issues including speeding, junction blocking and an increase in HGV traffic


There is no magic wand that will solve the issues raised by residents, but there are a number of recommendations that could be implemented in an attempt to improve matters.  Suffolk County council have provided a very rough guide to the possible costs of these improvements.

To enable the  Parish Council to investigate the proposals further, public support must be demonstrated.

This survey is the first step in the process to highlight to residents what can be done and to seek the views of the residents to gauge whether the proposals have the support (or not) of the residents of Stradbroke.

Please answer all  questions.

Proposal 1

20 mph Zone:

To turn the conservation area (centre of the village) into a 20mph zone

Estimated minimum cost: £25,000

Proposal 2

Double Yellow Lines:

At the junction of Queens St and Church St

Estimate cost: £9,000

image of a 20 miles per hour zone sign
photo of the junction between Church St and Queen St
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P2 - Select an option

Proposal 3

Village Gateways:

Design and installation for a pair of gateways with lines and a textured road surface at each entrance to the village.

Estimate cost: £9,000 x 4 = £36,000

image of white picket fences at the entrance to a village
P3 - Select an option

Proposal 4

30mph Roundels:

Painted on the road to remind drivers of the speed limit.

Estimate cost: £300 each plus £1,500 if road closure needed.

image of 30 miles per hour sign painted on a road
P4 - Select an option

Proposal 5


These are measures put into place to narrow the road and slow the traffic (there is one

 in Hoxne)

Starting cost: £10,000.

image of road build out scheme
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Proposal 6

Lorry Watch:

Lorries should only travel through Stradbroke to deliver - it is not an access route.  If information on lorries using Stradbroke for through travel can be gathered Suffolk County Council can act.

A Lorry Watch scheme could help this... if you are interesting in helping gather the information, please leave contact details below.

Estimated cost: nil - volunteer time required.

cartoon image of a clipboard
P6 - Select an option

Thanks for submitting!

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