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Basic Crime Reduction Advice from Suffolk Police

Always keep sheds locked, with a good quality close shackle padlock;

ensure sheds are behind a secure perimeter;

use dusk to dawn lighting;

use hasp and staples, a padbar, or coach bolts or non-tamper screws to fasten hinges/hasps;

security mark property, with your house number and post code; and

register your belongings at immobilise.com;

fit anchor points to secure items;

have a monitored alarm fitted (i.e. texting alarm), and avoid storing high value items.

Register serial numbers of tools and equipment via Immobilise https://www.immobilise.com/ and make a personal record. This will help identify items if they are found, and speed up the process of returning items to the owners.

A list of security products can be viewed via - http://www.suffolk.police.uk/sites/suffolk/files/security_product_brochure.pdf

Further advice on shed security can be obtained using the following link: http://www.suffolk.police.uk/sites/suffolk/files/shedandgaragesecurity1.pdf

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