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Extraordinary Meeting - 30th March

An extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council has been called for Tuesday, 30th March at 7.30pm.

The meeting has been called to allow Councillors to review the following planning applications:

DC/21/01541 – EIA Scoping opinion: 6no. poultry houses, associated admin blocks, feed bins & ancillary equipment. Land adjacent to Fennings Farm, Pixey Green

DC/21/01507 – Erection of 3 bay garage and outbuilding. Quince Cottage, Battlesea Green, IP21 5NE

DC/21/01461 – Change of use & conversion of barn buildings (B2 use) to 2no. dwellings and landscaping. Creation of new vehicular access route with amended highways access to serve existing business use to north & east of site. Demotion of existing barn structures. Red House, Pixey Green IP21 5NJ

DC/20/05917 – Reconsultation on Land to the South of New Street – additional documents have been submitted.

Full details on all the applications can be viewed on Mid Suffolk's website at:

The meeting will be live streamed on the Parish Council's Facebook page and details of how to join or watch the meeting can be found at:

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