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Groundwork in Stradbroke 1st & 3rd Nov.

Groundwork East Green Champions are coming to Stradbroke to help us save money and energy!

Monday 1st November and Wednesday 3rd November

As explained in the October Stradbroke Monthly Magazine, the Green Champions will be coming to Stradbroke households helping you complete a 5 minute survey on what you do at present to save energy. They will provide you with advice on practical ways you can save money and reduce carbon in the atmosphere and give you a “Top Tips” postcard of ideas. Many of these are free!

You can also fill in this 5 minute survey on line at:

Groundwork East is working with the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership to help communities and individuals reduce their carbon footprints. To make this accessible to all, we are focusing on everyday actions that we can all take that not only reduce our carbon footprints but will also save you money on your energy and water bills (if you have a water meter).

Note: Green Champions will have photo ID and will not call at any house where there is a “no cold calling” sign or similar.

Groundwork East/Suffolk County Council



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