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The local Planning Authority for the Parish of Stradbroke is Mid Suffolk District Council.

Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC), notifies Stradbroke Parish Council of planning applications that it accepts and that are related to land in the Parish. Once notified of an application the Parish Council then has 21 days to make a representation to MSDC but before it can do that it must hold a meeting. If an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council falls within the 21 day period and the application can be included on the next agenda then the matter will be considered at that meeting. If the 21 day period concludes before the next meeting or the matter was not included on an agenda (received too late for inclusion) then an extraordinary meeting may be called to consider a response. The Parish Council’s response to these applications will be based on PLANNING POLICY only.

You will find details of all applications accepted by MSDC on its website If you wish to comment on an application you must send your comments to the Local Planning Authority (MSDC) before the published consultation expiry date.

You may if you wish send a copy of any correspondence you have with MSDC to the Parish Council for our information. You can also attend the relevant meeting of the Parish Council in person and bring any matters relating to the application to the Council's attention during the public forum.

In 2019 the Parish Council established a Planning Committee to review planning applications and report to the Council.  All documents relating to this committee can be viewed by following the link.

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