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No threat to Surgery in Stradbroke


The Parish Council are aware of rumours that are circulating regarding the future of the surgery in Stradbroke. These are based on rumour not on evidence and are entirely baseless. The surgery is not “at risk”.

The evidence to support this is below.

The Parish Council contacted the practice manager for reassurance on this point and received the following response:

Katie Civil, Practice Manager:

“We are not aware of any immediate concerns for the future of Stradbroke Medical Centre. We know that on a National level the current Governments plans for General Practice are to work at scale we do not yet know what implications this will have for rural practices like ourselves. We know that this is a very challenging time for General Practice as many Practices struggle to recruit clinical resources and are having to make decisions on their future and how best to maintain safe services for their patients with a backdrop of increasing demand.

As things develop on a National and Local level we will keep all interested parties informed and consult to ensure we continue to maintain the level of service to our Patient that we currently provide, but to reassure you that we are not aware of any immediate concerns for the future of the Medical Centre. Many of the developments within General Practice are outside the control of Practices, so it is a wait and see game I am afraid.”


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