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Health Centre update

As you may have noticed by now, work has begun on a very important project for our community. The Health Centre is an important facility in Stradbroke, and as such we are all eager to keep it in good condition and at its very best, to enable our highly valued local NHS staff, to keep us healthy and happy.

As the landlord of the building, the Parish Council, also has the responsibility to keep the building - your village asset - well maintained and safe, to preserve its viability for many years to come.

Whilst we realise that you “can’t bake a cake without breaking some eggs”, we do apologise to those of you who may experience inconvenience over the next few weeks whilst the contractors move around the building upgrading and improving the facilities.

We are especially grateful to the staff at the Health Centre who work hard to give you a great experience of their services and are having to be very flexible around these works for a short time.

The project serves as an investment of £75,000 in the health and well-being of Stradbroke residents and we are hopeful that these works will help the Health Centre team deliver and even better experience for you all.

James Hargrave


Stradbroke Parish Council



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