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The Parish Council has carried out a Risk Assessment in accordance with Government guidelines relating to the COVID-19 safe opening of play parks.

The Parish Council brought forward its annual ROSPA inspection. The inspection report does not identify any high risk issues that would prevent the play parks being reopened.

Councillors have concluded that is safe to reopen the play parks on 4th July 2020, as long as users adhere to Government guidelines. Posters have been placed around the parks reminding users of the Government guidelines, these are highlighted in the document below:

A4 Playpark guidance July 2020
Download PDF • 419KB

In brief the guidelines state:

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Avoid touching face (to help this, food & drink have been banned from the play parks)

  • Sanitise/wash hands regularly

Any questions or comments can be addressed to the Clerk, Odile Wladon, by phone

on: 07555 066147 or via email to:


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