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Questionnaire for clubs and organisations in Stradbroke

The Parish Council would like to assure you that this is not a “paper exercise” and that all information gathered will be used to formulate the Parish Plan; so we invite you to be bold in your visions because although your current needs are important, it is also vital to look to the future! Small items are necessary, of course, but larger resources, locations and equipment may also be important for growth of your organisation.


If you have responded previously to some of these questions, please provide an update or additions.

Please answer all parts of the question.

5. a) Is there any specific infrastructure that you are lacking that is holding back your progress? Such as a lack of, or poor facilities, parking or other village amenity. b) What improvements would you like to see in your organisation and what is limiting you from implementing them? c) If there was one single thing which would improve your organisation? What is it and why have you not be able to implement it? 

Thanks for submitting!

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