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The Parish Pump - May 2017


8th & 15th May 2017

As the meeting on the 8th May was the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council elections took place at the beginning of the meeting.

Carrie Barnes was elected Chair and Ellie Wharton was elected Vice Chair.

Due to a concern raised, Carrie’s election was ratified at the 15th May meeting.

On behalf of the Parish Council Carrie extended thanks to Stuart Gemmill and Oliver Last for their time as Chair and Vice Chair over recent years.

Planning Applications supported:

1356/17 – Summer Place, Battlesea Green, IP21 5NE

1503/17 –Cadogan, New Street, IP21 5JG

1550/17 – Holly Tree Farm, Barley Green, IP21 5LY

1693/17 –Long Row House, Laxfield Road, IP21 5JT

1453/17 –Mulberry Lodge, Laxfield Road, IP21 5NQ

Results of planning applications considered by MSDC since the PC last met:

1356/17 – Summer Place, Battlesea Green, IP21 5NE no update

1503/17 – Cadogan, New Street, IP21 5JG no update

1550/17 – Holly Tree Farm, Barley Green, IP21 5LY no update

1283/17 – Tudor Farm, Battlesea Green, IP21 5NE no update

1292/17 – Glenmore, Queen’s Street, IP21 5NG no update

0492/17 – Chestnut House, Wilby Road, IP21 5JP no update

1000/17 – Hayfield House, Neaves Lane IP21 5JE no update

1283/17 – Tudor Farm, Battlesea Green, IP21 5NE no update

0533/17 – 2 Battlesea Green Close, IP21 5NR Granted 25/4/17

1078/17 & 1079/17 – Tudor Farm, Battlesea Green IP21 5NE Granted 13/5/17

Parish Council Updates:

  • The SafeCam team have confirmed that New Street will also be included on their rota for speed enforcement together with Laxfield Road.

  • A working party met and carried out a tidy up of the Churchyard, this will be repeated in October.

All welcome to help when this is arranged.

  • The first invoices were received for the new play park equipment. The donation from Cllr McGregor of £1,000 was received and MSDC will be releasing their first wave of funding shortly.

Thanks were expressed to Ellie Wharton for her hard work in fundraising.

  • At the meeting on 15th May discussions took place between the Parish Council and the Stradbroke Trust concerning the assignment of the lease to the new CIO and various other matters.

  • During a closed session, the Clerk reported on the outcome of a Code of Complaint, raised concerns regarding an issue that arose during a previous closed session and other issues regarding her working hours. It was agreed to temporarily increase the Clerk’s hours by 1 hour per week to cover outstanding holiday and overtime worked.

Parish Council drop in clinic

The council drop in clinics will run on the Tuesday in the week following a Parish Council meeting.

The next clinic will be: Tuesday, 20th June at 2.15pm in the Library.

Next PC Meeting 12th June Community Centre @ 7.30pm.

Members of the public and press are very welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council and to bring matters of concern or information to the attention to Members in the time allocated to the Public Forum.

Odile Wladon


Mobile: 07555 066147 email: Mill Hill House, Wickham Skeith, Suffolk IP23 8NA

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