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Regulation 16 Consultation:

Mid Suffolk District Council have commenced the Reg 16 consultation, this will run until 4pm on 1st June 2018Public Notice and information on the consultation can be viewed here

or by visiting:

This page has been left open for reference only
Consultation now CLOSED
Regulation 14 Consultation January 2018 Docs

Stradbroke's Vision

Stradbroke's vision is to be a core village that works for the needs of its residents and surrounding villages by providing good quality housing, educational facilities, business and local retail opportunities. It will achieve this through phased growth of these services, and necessary infrastructure to support that growth.  The NPPF principles of sustainable development will govern how to achieve this growth in a planned manner.

Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2036 

Draft Version of the plan can be viewed here

Supporting Documents

SD01 - Village Design Statement 2003 & 2012 Update

SD02 - AECOM Site Assessment Report 2017 & Update

SD03 - AECOM Traffic Survey

SD04 - AECOM Viability Report

SD05 - BMSDC Joint Local Plan: Consultation Document (August 2017)

SD06 - SHELAA report issued by Mid Suffolk District Council 2017

SD07 - AECOM Masterplanning Report

SD08 - Site Allocation Report

SD09 - Stradbroke Conservation Area Appraisal 2011

SD10 - Census Data 2011, 1922 & 1841

SD11 - Green Spaces Report

SD12 - Infrastructure Correspondence


Additional information

SEA scoping report here

SEA screening report here

October 2017 Consultation page can be viewed here

Area Designation Notice is available to view here

HRA Screening report here

Site Information



During the latter part of 2017 the structure of the Neighbourhood Plan group changed. After this point all decisions concerning the Neighbourhood Plan were taken by Councillors at Full Parish Council Meetings.

Click here to see extracts from the minutes concerning the neighbourhood plan.  Full copies of the minutes can be found on the Meetings page.

May 2016 Consultation Responses:




Aerial View of Sites

with thanks to Jon Wilson Photography


signature of the photographer - Jon Wilson


signature of the photographer - Jon Wilson


signature of the photographer - Jon Wilson


signature of the photographer - Jon Wilson
signature of the photographer - Jon Wilson


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